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We Only Part To Meet Again

It’s hard to believe that the semester is already at its end! My plans for next semester, assuming that the world doesn’t end before then, are pretty normal. I am planning on taking 18 hours with courses that satisfy my … Continue reading

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Really in Mine, Not Really in Yours

Professor Richard Dawkins, who is famous for his concept of the “meme”, attempted to explain “why the universe seems so strange.” His talk is featured in TED. The way he perceives our world seems to be closely related to some … Continue reading

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Check Your Candy… It’s a Trick

How many of us remember coming home after trick or treating every Halloween and checking all of our candy with our parents to make sure it was safe? I would imagine that most of us did this at least once or twice under … Continue reading

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The EQUAL Dilemma

Equality is good.  Since politicians usually insist on their efforts to strive for equality, I believe equality is a positive thing. However, in computer programming, the equal sign is actually always a source of confusion, especially for beginners. You may … Continue reading

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An unseen meme ?

While it may not be obvious, posting on a message board is meme. In general when people think of memes, they would reference bachelor frog, tebowing, or planking. Those are social behaviors that have, at least temporarily, become ingrained in … Continue reading

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Put A Meme On It

Last year, my friends and I did something us dignified collegiate types often do–we held a spontaneous dance party. 

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You Only Live Once… Unless You’re A Cat.

A wise young man, once bound to a wheelchair in the halls of Degrassi High, once said “You only live once, that’s my motto. . . YOLO.” Drake’s new-age philosophy has inspired today’s youth into living life to the fullest. … Continue reading

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