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Batman vs. Detective Stabler: Who Would Win?

I’m pretty sure Stabler could take Batman, but I’m probably alone on that one. Anyway, I am obsessed with Law and Order: SVU and a friend of mine who is really into graphic novels had read this one called Gotham … Continue reading

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The morphogenetic field of reptilians

David Icke is a fairly well known British conspiracy theorist. His most prominent conspiracy theories make connections between well known organizations and people,  including the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Bill and Hilary Clinton, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Henry … Continue reading

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Beware, Reptilians Are Among Us!

David Icke, a British author, is famous for his writings about reptilian conspiracy theories. My attempt to look his name up yields that he is very controversial speaker. His reptilian conspiracy theories seem to be very strange. However, the fact … Continue reading

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Let’s Lynda.comize Yourself!

Professor Delwiche already mentioned as a great learning resource for us to learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro. I’m taking an art class this semester and the professor also recommended me to improve my Photoshop skills by following some … Continue reading

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Just Another “Gangnam Style” Mash-up

Up to this point, everyone in our class should know the global cultural phenomenon named “Gangnam Style.” The music video released by PSY is now the most-liked YouTube video. To follow a trend in YouTube and also sharpen my video … Continue reading

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Lynda who?

I have the technological capabilities of an 80 year old woman, so I thought it would be helpful to watch the Adobe Premiere tutoring sessions at After watching 4 of the movies, I found some pretty helpful information I … Continue reading

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Really in Mine, Not Really in Yours

Professor Richard Dawkins, who is famous for his concept of the “meme”, attempted to explain “why the universe seems so strange.” His talk is featured in TED. The way he perceives our world seems to be closely related to some … Continue reading

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