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I am a senior Environmental Studies major at Trinity University

A Work In Progress

It’s hard to believe that this semester is already ending! Next semester will be my last as an undergrad at Trinity. I will be taking my last few environmental policy classes as well as some education courses. I am also … Continue reading

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Cut Loose

Introduction & specific links to the course readings The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy increases with time. We live in a world where change is inevitable. The system in which we live is constantly changing, evolving, recreating itself. … Continue reading

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What Do You Expect?

Audiences have certain expectations when regarding movies and their given genres. Often times, one expects to leave a viewing a of a romantic comedy feeling warm, a viewing of a horror feeling unnerved, or a viewing of a drama feeling … Continue reading

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To Tebow or Not to Tebow?

Athletes have many trademarks, some of which gain more attention than others. The outspoken Christian Tim Tebow, after becoming the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos football team, started to gain some attention with his rather unorthodox and  lucky plays which … Continue reading

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Bleeding Heart Liberals Battle Teabaggers for Control of Your Mind

“Extremist”. “Slut”. “Communist”. “Terrorist”. These are just a few of the labels that have infiltrated the often heated discussions in the media. Though short, these words are potent, shaping the perceptions and understandings of the audience. Labeling is often used in … Continue reading

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Growing Roots

Hi! My name is Tori Carey and I am a senior Environmental Policy major (finally an actual major here at Trinity!) from Berkeley, California.  I am also minoring in Creative Writing as well as German. I am part of APO, the service fraternity … Continue reading

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