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Yes, Because If I Fail, My Failures Will Be Great.

The title my answer to a question I heard a very long time ago.  So long ago, in fact, that I can’t remember when exactly.  I think it’s an appropriate question given the context of the course and this final … Continue reading

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Who is 27?

I hate this movie.  I thought I knew what it meant to hate a movie, but I was wrong.  27 Dresses (Anne Fletcher, 2008) evokes a primal rage that I have no words for.  I was glad for the opportunity … Continue reading

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From the Creator of Seth McDebit.

It’s just too easy to make that connection.  That and I am never opposed to plugging Seth McDebit (Which I have to italicize, apparently.  Done in by my own creation).

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Global Village Idiot

Marshall McLuhan, the superstar media professor we have talked about before in class, wrote a book called The Medium Is the Massage.  In it, he outlines the notion of the global village.  The global village is the result of out environment, … Continue reading

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The phrase “Like a Boss” appears numerous times in the Lonely Island’s song of the same title.  The song went viral after playing during Saturday Night Live as a digital short.  It’s actually parodying a Slim Thug song, also entitled … Continue reading

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The colors, Duke! The colors!

Mad props if the title makes sense to you. Manipulating audiences is nothing really new.  After all, we have to manipulate the audience somewhat to make the stories we convey more easily accepted and disbelief more easily suspended.  Sometimes we … Continue reading

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A wild introduction appears!

My name is Tim Jablonski.  I am a junior communications major.  Being a junior makes me a mature individual who isn’t going to cry at having to type this over again for a third time.  I need to be an … Continue reading

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