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The End of Days

This semester has been the fastest yet. The reason for such is probably because this semester has been the busiest yet. It’s been fun some days, stressful others, and exhausting the last. Next semester should be just as busy: several … Continue reading

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Darker than Fiction

Overview Stranger than Fiction (Marc Forster, 2006) is a romantic “dramady” discussing the moral obligation of one person to a stranger and the drastic impact that each decision can have on each other. There are many scenes portraying insanity, death, and … Continue reading

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Why I go to the movies

Wow. I just spent the last 30 minutes watching movie trailers and I am blown away by how amazing they all are. Even less interesting movies have incredible trailers, due to their use of the more interesting or more funny … Continue reading

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You Only Live Once… Unless You’re A Cat.

A wise young man, once bound to a wheelchair in the halls of Degrassi High, once said “You only live once, that’s my motto. . . YOLO.” Drake’s new-age philosophy has inspired today’s youth into living life to the fullest. … Continue reading

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“That movie looks HILARIOUS!”

Time and time again, I buy into movie trailers. Clips of excitement and hilarity, of drama and intrigue, tempt me into a viewing. Time and time again, I am disappointed by second-rate movies with just enough high-caliber scenes to create … Continue reading

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A Short History of Bacon

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