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I was born and raised in Orange County California and currently play volleyball at Trinity University. I love food and am a HUGE fan of dessert. I am a dog lover and have three dogs of my own at home.

Let’s Wrap It Up…

I wish I could sit here and tell you what lies ahead for me, but in this life, you really never know. As for next semester I plan on taking several other communication courses, including Principles of PR and a … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Bridesmaid

Overview For this project I decided to use Bridesmaids as the base for my recut trailer. Seeing that this is one of my all time favorite movies and have probably watched it close to 20 times, I thought it would … Continue reading

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It’s True…Less is More

After viewing several trailers, I found many similarities amongst the short clips. The overall pacing of the trailers appeared to be very fast paced, constantly throwing new shots and images into the viewers face. However, this seemed to be more … Continue reading

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The Christmas season comes along and we instantly envision presents, mistletoe, lights, and family and friends as the accompaniments for the holiday festivities. Moreover, we wait in excitement for the arrival of Santa Claus, the jolly fellow, dressed in a … Continue reading

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Does That Make Me A Bad Person?

In the past two articles we have seen several different devices that the media uses in order to manipulate their audience into reacting a particular way. These manipualtion techniques cause the audience to feel an emotion they might not necessarily … Continue reading

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California Girl Goes Country

HELLO! My name is Mia Leslie Mineghino and I am a Sophomore here at Trinity. I am a California girl, born and raised….and I couldn’t be more blessed! Although, it seems many people outside of the “Orange Curtain” have a … Continue reading

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