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We’ll Always Have Disneyland

As Keanu Reeves repeats time again with an impressive lack of gusto in the third Matrix picture: “Everything that has a beginning has an end.” And, after an entirely-too-speedy few months, I must bid farewell to Comm 2302. Before I … Continue reading

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I Lurve You, I Luff You….I Loathe You? Or, How To Tragedize A Perfectly Good Comedy

In the years since Annie Hall hit theaters and swept the Oscars, we’ve learned that the film we saw is not the one Allen initially intended to make. Early on in the writing process, he envisioned a New York murder … Continue reading

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On The Origin of Trailers

Movies have barely been around for a century, yet they’ve arguably undergone as many evolutions and alterations as several art forms that have been around for centuries. One could also argue that movie trailers have evolved with them. Over the … Continue reading

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Put A Meme On It

Last year, my friends and I did something us dignified collegiate types often do–we held a spontaneous dance party. 

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The Media Built It: On the Death of Context

Denny Sollmann, owner of Sollmann Electric Company,  is pissed off at the Prez, and he’d like you to know about it. Speaking directly into the camera, he takes the Barackness to task; “He was trying to say “hey, you didn’t … Continue reading

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Ready for My Close-Up

Let’s start at the beginning–a very good place to start, or so I hear. My name is Mason Walker, and I’m a sophomore from Dallas, Texas. I’m currently pursuing an English major, soon to be paired with a yet-to-be-decided but … Continue reading

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