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Living Comfortably in a Fake Reality

I was once told that each semester of college goes by quicker than the last. I found this hard to believe at first, but as my third semester here at Trinity comes to a close, I have come to the … Continue reading

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“I’m just here to have a good time. A little White Chicks, a little white wine”

I recut the comedy, White Chicks into a thriller/horror movie about two brothers who murder innocent people, steal their identities, and live pretending to be their victims. Although I wanted to incorporate the original title into my trailer, I felt … Continue reading

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Charles Sanders Peirce is Wrong

Twentieth century philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce claimed that “all the evolution we know proceeds from the vague to the definite.” According to Peirce, the evolutionary process is a progression from the question to the answer and, ultimately, the fog is … Continue reading

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A Meme That Frats Hard, Frats Often

Fraternity (noun): a group of people associated or formally organized for a common purpose, interest, or pleasure. As defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, collegiate fraternities have existed for hundreds of years as social organizations which enable men to participate in … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Friends in Television Places

When watching television commercials, most people are able to tune out the strangers who pervade their screens and disrupt their favorite television shows. However, the commercials that stick in consumer’s minds are the ones in which a familiar face is … Continue reading

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When Chicaaago Came to Texas

Upon entering college, it is the mission of every incoming freshman to make an attempt to meet and get to know as many other students on campus as possible. Last fall, I was an ardent first year student looking to … Continue reading

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