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Understanding Reality

I’m pretty excited about the classes I’ll take next semester. I’ve decided to major in communication, so I signed up to take KRTU host training. I’m also thinking about adding the media publications class to my schedule. I’m hoping to … Continue reading

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No Smiling Here…

My idea was to use The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for my recut trailer. The original movie is a a drama/mystery/crime movie, characterized by dark lighting and color schemes, serious faces, and some dramatic moments. The movie revolves around Rooney Mara’s character, … Continue reading

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Music, Typography, and Pacing Make a Movie.

As the kind of person that enjoys being drawn into movies, taking a step back and analyzing the characteristics of movie trailers is difficult for me. I usually just let the shot transitions, music, and pacing of the trailers work … Continue reading

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Will this meme survive?

Recently, National Geographic  featured the bagel head procedure—a variant meme of the body modification memeplex—on Taboo.  Since the episode aired, the procedure has gained nothing but negative media attention and criticism in the United States, though it is considered popular in Japan. Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda developed the procedure, … Continue reading

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Jumping on the Celebrity Bandwagon

Celebrities are really, just normal people with awesome jobs; there isn’t anything particularly special about them. Sure, many of them are good at what they do, but plenty of people are good at their jobs. This, however, doesn’t change the … Continue reading

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The Sleepy Dreamer

I’ve got curly hair, glasses, and a purple backpack. Who am I? I’m Josephine Cortez and sometimes Josy. Still don’t know who I am? Picture the only person sitting in the front row. I wear an old prescription.

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