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Life is Metafiction

Future Stuff Personally, I am not the blogging type Even though this could potentially be my final posting ever, I can safely say I am not going to mourn. Next semester is set up to be my easiest yet. I … Continue reading

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Megamind is a family-friendly animated comedy where a villain learns to be hero. The movie concludes with Megamind, the villain, saving the city he has terrorized his entire life from sure destruction. I decided to recut the film into a … Continue reading

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Man that was a great trailer, it almost makes me want to see the movie….

I love good stories. There is something satisfying in temporarily slipping away from your worries and troubles to be encompassed in a quality tale. Whether that story is in the form of a verbal narrative from a friend, or written … Continue reading

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Wait a minute…you’re not a piece of wood.

They are everywhere; on top of cars, in the streets, in the grass, on the roof, and in the basement. Wooden planks have appeared unlooked for in many perplexing locations. Or at least I thought they were wooden planks. Upon … Continue reading

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The Anti-Ad Ad

They are the most irritating, and mind-numbing things you never pay attention to. They are something dark, something foul, something evil… of course I’m talking about commercials on TV. The far to frequent clips of useless information whose only purpose … Continue reading

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Me, Jeff. Me is Man.

My name is Jeffrey Hayes and I am a Junior here at Trinity. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and I know what you’re all thinking: how brave of me to go to college at a university … Continue reading

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