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So Meta

I’m currently on track to major in computer science. Next semester I will continue down that path and then possibly even intern at a software engineering company this summer. I also would like to at least minor in communications so … Continue reading

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Running The Count

The Hangover (Todd Phillips 2009) is a movie that reinvigorated the over-the-top, shock comedy. So for this project, I thought I’d take one of the most outrageous characters from this movie, Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis) and recut things to make … Continue reading

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The Sexy Gangnam Starship Jam

This is a mashup video of Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, Nicki Minaj’s “StarShips”, Quad City Dj’s “Space Jam”, LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know it”, with a little bit of Far East Movement’s “Like a G6” at the end. I made this … Continue reading

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How Cliché

In 2011, Hans Zimmer created an amazing soundtrack for the movie Inception. 
It complemented the tone of the movie so well, because it demanded emotion from the audience, and forced everyone to feel the stress of the the situations projected … Continue reading

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When you see it…

Some people can’t get enough attention. We as a race try so hard to stand out. We wear ridiculous clothes and say stupid things all in the name of attention. Everyone likes to be noticed, and what better way to … Continue reading

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Critics Say You Should Read This Post

Critics say it’s unbelievable. Critics are raving at how amazing it is. Experts say it’s the biggest post in twenty years. Experts think you should read it too.

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It’s the Little Things

Hey everyone! My name is Reece McDonald, and this is my second year here at Trinity. I’m an aspiring Computer Science major that hopes to minor in Communications as well. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and haven’t … Continue reading

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