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What is real?

Assuming that the world doesn’t end December 21st, I plan on returning to Trinity next semester and continuing on the premed track.  Luckily, going to Trinity means that its necessary to mix some liberal arts classes in with science courses. … Continue reading

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Scary Friday

Overview: The remade trailer I created turns the movie Freaky Friday, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, from a family movie into a suspense/horror film. I renamed the film Scary Friday. I focused on how Curtis, who plays the … Continue reading

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The Best Thing About Going to the Movies Is….

With movie tickets so over priced these days, one would think that the worst part about being late to a movie is missing the first few minutes of the show, and therefore not receiving your full money’s worth. However, for … Continue reading

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A Message Through The Decades

It is safe to say, the first thought that comes to mind when one says the word “meme” is either a viral video, or a picture that uses the internet as its main mode of transmission. Recently a meme has … Continue reading

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Are Thirty-Year-Old Seniors the New Norm??

It’s a well-known fact that high school students come in all shapes and sizes. While a few high school students may be able to pass for being in their early twenties, I believe the majority of students look too young … Continue reading

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From Pre-med to Political

Hi everyone, my name is Ellen Wadler and I’m a Sophomore here at Trinity. I’m a native Texan. I’m planning on majoring in biology, I’m on the premed track, and I have no idea what my minor is going to … Continue reading

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