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And then there’s me…

This class was much different than the other classes I have taken. It has changed my perspective on advertising and design, and it has taught me a lot about advertising and the interconnected media. Next semester will be the second … Continue reading

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The morphogenetic field of reptilians

David Icke is a fairly well known British conspiracy theorist. His most prominent conspiracy theories make connections between well known organizations and people,  including the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Bill and Hilary Clinton, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Henry … Continue reading

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The Step Brother

For my project I decided to make a movie recut trailer of Step Brothers. I planned to change the movie from a raunchy comedy to a horror movie based on a psychopathic step brother who murders the majority of his … Continue reading

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Ted Talks

John Maeda is an extraordinary person, he is a graphic designer, computer scientist, author, graduate and a professor of MIT, and is the current President of the Rhode Island School of Design. In his talks, he explains his struggles to … Continue reading

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Dun dun dun…

Movie trailers set up the mood and generate hype for the upcoming movie release. Some will try a new style of trailer, but in most cases there is a very stereotypical movie trailer for each different genre of movie. However, … Continue reading

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It’s Duck Hunting Season!

Everyone has encountered the “duck face” before, be it in a Facebook photo or accidentally stumbling across a slew of sorority girls during a picture-taking session. It is a horrifying face–one that should never be made, let alone copied by … Continue reading

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If you don’t read this post will you die? Find out after reading!

All too often while watching the news, before they head to a commercial break the news anchor will end with something along the lines of “Is your water poisoned and are all of your lives in danger right now? Tune … Continue reading

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The Eric Olson Experience

Hey everyone, my name is Eric Olson and I am a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology here at Trinity University. I was born in Menlo Park, California (yes where Mark Zuckerberg now lives) where I lived with my … Continue reading

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