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About eredeker

My name is Eric Redeker and I am a Sophomore at Trinity University. I play on the golf team and I plan on majoring in Comm with a minor in Sports Mngmt.

What About Me?

It’s good to finally have a blog that is not so class oriented, instead we can just talk about what we plan to do. I plan to take some more Comm classes next semester as well as a Sports Management … Continue reading

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Ace Ad-Ventura

First off, I just want to say how much I enjoyed this project. This was one of the best projects that I have had to do in the year and a half I have been at Trinity. What really made … Continue reading

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re-CUT… Lets Change It Again…

After watching the trailers that were set out for us, I cannot wait to see these movies, because they all look fantastic. But lets talk about how easy it is to re-cut a movie trailer. All you have to do … Continue reading

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One does not simply…

This is probably one of my favorite memes. The “One does not simply…” meme using Boromir from The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan ever since it came out. … Continue reading

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Is The Media Biased?

Millions of people watch the News every day. Right now most of what the news is showing is Political. With the Presidential election right around the corner, people want to know what is going on with President Obama and Mitt … Continue reading

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Reddi For My Life

My Name is Eric Redeker and I am a Sophomore here at Trinity. I am originally from Katy, Texas where I lived there for around 11 years. I play on the golf team here and I absolutely love it. Golf … Continue reading

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