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We Only Part To Meet Again

It’s hard to believe that the semester is already at its end! My plans for next semester, assuming that the world doesn’t end before then, are pretty normal. I am planning on taking 18 hours with courses that satisfy my … Continue reading

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Stop Being So Funny, Jim Carrey. Just Stop.

Overview For my recut trailer I transformed Dumb & Dumber (Peter Farrelly, 1994), a ridiculously idiotic and totally hilarious comedy, into a drama. Despite never having worked with Adobe Premiere prior to this assignment, I had a lot of fun … Continue reading

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The Power of the BOOM

I absolutely hate watching movie trailers. A LOT. I can’t stand knowing what is going to happen in a movie before I watch it. What’s the point of spending 90 minutes of your life watching something that was so obviously … Continue reading

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Social media websites have taken the world by storm and are extremely influential in our generation. One aspect of a specific social website has migrated off of that site and is now being used on other social websites, in text messages, … Continue reading

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Am I Supposed To Dance??

As members of the 21st century, we have all had our experiences with media and have had our share of both witty and ridiculous commercials and ad campaigns. None infuriate me more, however, than the stupidly obnoxious tampon commercials that … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Me

Hello fellow classmates! My name is Catherine Garza and I am from the wonderful city that we have all grown to love, San Antonio, Texas! I have lived here my entire life and quite enjoy the quaint things that the … Continue reading

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