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Can I Get My Package Now?

It is sad to say that this is likely my last communications class. As I move on in my academic career I will be delving deeper and deeper in to courses that fulfill my major requirements. Unfortunately I don’t see myself … Continue reading

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Making The Cut’s

Many times I watch a movie, and completely ignore the effort that goes into making each individual shot. After this video recutting project my appreciation for the art of making movies, and movie trailers, has increased tenfold. This project was terribly frustrating at times, however it was also … Continue reading

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The Buildup

Movie trailers are all about the buildup. The sole purpose of a trailer is to give the target audience motivation to go see a certain movie, and different techniques are commonly used depending on the intended genre of the movie. There are … Continue reading

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Check Your Candy… It’s a Trick

How many of us remember coming home after trick or treating every Halloween and checking all of our candy with our parents to make sure it was safe? I would imagine that most of us did this at least once or twice under … Continue reading

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Be The Most Interesting Man In THE WORLD

His words carry a weight that would break most lesser mens jaws. He’s won trophies for his game face alone. His beard has experienced more than a lesser mans entire body. The police often question him because they find him … Continue reading

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The Secret Ambitions of a Student Athlete

Hello class, my name is Morgan Hix. I was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, and I am currently a sophomore. I’m not quite sure what my major is going to be, although I am leaning towards majoring in business.

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