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Batman vs. Detective Stabler: Who Would Win?

I’m pretty sure Stabler could take Batman, but I’m probably alone on that one. Anyway, I am obsessed with Law and Order: SVU and a friend of mine who is really into graphic novels had read this one called Gotham … Continue reading

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Is This Real Life?!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and really loved the theme of metafiction for the semester. If there is anything I have learned from this class (and no, Dr. Delwiche, I didn’t just learn one thing), it’s to question everything. Even … Continue reading

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The Cole Case

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds the ending to this project bittersweet, (OK, so maybe more sweet than bitter) but this project did have its moments. I really enjoyed learning how to use another video editing program, … Continue reading

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A Trailer’s Worth a Thousand Words…

I LOVE movie trailers. Well, the good ones at least ( a sure sign of a good trailer is when I stop munching my popcorn), and this assignment introduced me to many trailers I had never seen, and gave me the … Continue reading

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What the Plank is Going On?!?!

When I was in high school, a very popular (and in my opinion quite dumb) meme made its way around high schools and colleges across the nation: Planking. You really couldn’t go on Facebook without seeing the latest plank; it … Continue reading

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As If Porn Wasn’t Enough…

So there I was sitting in my dorm room watching a so-called “family friendly” television show on a major network when a commercial came on. But this was not a “family friendly” commercial. I sat there in utter confusion with … Continue reading

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Golf Teams and Disney Dreams

My name is Alessa Hutter and I’m a sophomore double major in English and Communications-that’s the plan anyway. I will be 20 in two months, but to my parents’ dismay, I still have the heart of an 8 year old. … Continue reading

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