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So Long, Farewell

Remarkably, another semester is coming to an end. Despite my initial doubts, I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and appreciated the theme of metafiction. As I will discuss more later, the foremost thing I will take from this class is … Continue reading

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The Legend of Ron Burgundy: AngerMan

Overview To start, I will just say that despite my lack of knowledge on video editing and usual disdain for anything that requires me to think creatively, I found a unique sense of pleasure in doing this project. For my … Continue reading

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The Techniques of Trailers… From an Unreliable Source

It is truly amazing how movie trailers can be constructed to capture the essence of an entire movie (around two hours) in merely a few minutes. Trailers have evolved into an extremely crucial part of the film industry, attracting viewers … Continue reading

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A Trend that Transcends Hipsters… Unfortunately

Glasses: a traditionally iconic symbol that portrays the wearer as someone more intelligent than the average human and somewhat less attractive (no offense to all of the glasses-wearers of the world). With this perception attached to wearing glasses, it is … Continue reading

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Mind Control… The Media Laying Eggs in Our Brains

It was a typical Thursday morning: I turned on my television to watch SportsCenter for a few minutes to catch up on the sporting events from the previous night while dreading the thought of going to class. As usual, when the commercials … Continue reading

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Country Boy with Big City Dreams

Cows, horses, pigs, and miles and miles of open fields: this describes the view of the first eighteen years of my life. My name is Austen Gilfillian, I am from Stowell, Texas, and I am trying to escape the previously … Continue reading

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