Gory Gotham!

I really enjoyed reading Gotham Central; I think I in fact liked it more than Animal Man.  I am a big fan of the Batman Movies, honestly I’d have to say both the Dark Knight and The Dark Night Rises are two of my favorite movies, so reading this comic was extremely enjoyable.  I also find the character of Mr. Freeze quite amusing with his “freezing” capabilities.  Gotham Central was written by Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, and Michael Lark and essentially the plot of the comic is similar to the television series SUV Law and Order, where it is just an obscene amounts of police hunts trying to bring good over evil. Like Grant Morrison’s comic Animal Man, Gotham central also contains a sense of “mystery” between the characters in the comic. The Gotham central police aren’t allowed to associate or even “know” about Batman even though they do anyways. It is also kind of funny how the GCPD can’t even match the power of Batman in keeping the city Gotham free from crime and mischief.  The title does have some significance because “Gotham” is the name of the city where Batman is from. Though analyzing the title through semiotics the word “Gotham” has over time adopted a sense of crime and darkness associated with it. Gotham city is always being disturbed by new criminals like “Mr. Freeze and other villains and enemies of Batman and all around creating the dark feeling of the city. Also the typography that Ed Brubaker uses on the front covers of the issues almost resembles dripping blood adding to the dark feeling.  The main colors in this comic are also of the stereotypical dark colors: red, black, greys, yellows.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this comic and I had a hard time stopping reading it because it was so good! I would say Gotham Central is a must read for all avid comic lovers, or really anyone who enjoys being kept at their feet the entire time!


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