Legally Crazy

Legally BlondeOverview:

I chose to take the movie Legally Blonde and take it from a romantic comedy to a suspense/horror type film. I found some aspects of this project to be quite challenging and some aspects to be quite enjoyable and easy.

Specific Links:

I chose to pay close attention to the different types of shots that Bernard Dick discusses in his article. I used close up shots of the faces of the actors to portray what I wanted the scenes to say. The close up shots helped to give the trailer an eery feeling because of the different facial expressions that were expresses by each character. I also used the optional reading for Adobe Premiere that really helped me get to know Premiere better as well as how to work with video transitions for my video.

Rationale for Creative Choices, Difficulties and Frustrations

To find the music I wanted to include I just did a search on YouTube for suspenseful music and there was a video that was solely dedicated to playing creepy music so I converted that into an MP3 format and used that as the music for my video. My frustration with this project was my lack of creativity. I am not a very creative person at all, I’m more of the executer in a group. Taking this project from Point A to Point B was very challenging to me and stretched me outside my comfort zone. I also had difficulties with my audio. I played around with the audio levels but just could not get the music to be softer than the audio. I got it to the best that I could but I’m afraid you still cannot hear the dialogue that clearly over the music.

Works Cited:

Bernard Dick (2002). “Film, space, and image,” excerpt from Anatomy of Film. Boston: Bedford / St. Martin’s.

OPTIONAL READING. “Chapter 6. Video Transitions” from Adobe Premiere CS5. Classroom in a Book.PDF document


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I am a Communication major at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. I love my family and all my friends I left behind at Baylor University. I am currently a sports intern at the NBC affiliate in San Antonio and love interning in the sports department. I hope to be able to be an anchor for a local broadcast station.
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