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The ProposalAt first I thought I would have a difficult time finding recut trailers of some of the movies I wanted to view but I didn’t really encounter that much difficulty. I tried to look at different movies from different genres to get a better sense of the techniques that can be used.

I first looked at Paranormal Activity. In the original trailer the audience was shown along with the actual footage of the movie. There wasn’t really any music and the screams and dialogue was the heart of the trailer. However, for the recut trailer, it was significantly shorter in length, only about a minute as opposed to the two minutes of the original trailer, and had happy music. The screams were still there. However, it was made into a comedy by the funny “zinger” at the end of the girl sticking her tongue out at the priest.

The second film I looked at was The Proposal. This is one of my all time favorite movies so I was excited when I found a recut version. In the original trailer there is happy, light hearted music as well as plenty of dialogue. There is also the classic conflict that is shown in a romantic comedy trailer as well as a long length of two minutes and seventeen seconds. However, the recut trailer I watched was going for the suspense/thriller genre. There was suspenseful music that made the audience on the edge of their seats as well as very short choppy scenes. There was not a whole lot of dialogue, it was mostly just shots of the actors in various scens. However, there were a lot of scenery shots almost as if to set the stage for the movie. It was also considerably shorter at only one minute and eighteen seconds.

Finally, the last movie I looked at was Bride Wars. In the original trailer there is of course happy music and lots of dialogue among the characters. There was also pretty, girly font used for the captions in between scenes. However, the recut trailer was definitely something different because it was recut into the same story but with two Disney princesses. The dialogue was the exact same as well as the length. The only difference was that there were no scenes from the actual movie, they were all scenes of princesses from Disney movies which I found to be quite amusing and confusing.

All in all, these trailers show that the creative possibilities for a recut trailer are endless. The sky is really the limit and it gave good ideas of how to turn a romantic comedy into a suspenseful type of a movie.

Paranormal Activity, The Proposal, Bride Wars

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