I have a lot of plans for the upcoming semester. I will continue to pursue more intensive studies in marketing. I’m taking international branding and marketing management, which will both be interesting classes. I will be looking for jobs all next semester whether it be in Texas or anywhere else in the world.




One interesting idea I took away form this class was the idea of signifiers. Signifiers mean many different things to different people and thus can be construed in a variety of ways. In addition, I really liked the ideas of camera shots and how they can change the perception of the audience based on how the shot it made. High angle shots can show dominance over another character while low angle shots can be seen differently.


I really liked Klosterman’s idea of the “laugh track” and how idiotic it is. It’s crazy that a laugh box has to dictate to the audience when something is funny or when it is not. Show’s need to let the audience feel when something is funny rather than just dictate it. The Freud for beginners article was probably my least favorite because it was so dense. The articles I enjoyed were the ones that were not as dense and more enjoyable to read.


I think the package in the mail shows how really we are all very similar people. We need to stop looking at white verses black or poor versus the rich because it creates division and animosity in our lives. This package is a reminder to treat everyone as equals because we are one people who need to live in this one world together, not divided. 

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San Francisco, CA Senior Trinity University Nordstrom Sales Representative
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