Synecdoche, New York. Who’s watching whom?

Next semester I’m really going to be cranking on my majors/minor.  I’m taking two History classes, two Education classes, and two Communication classes, for which I’m mondo excited.  Ideally, in the next few semesters I’ll take 18 hours in order to graduate a semester early.  I considered studying abroad but this will be better for me financially in the long run.  I really want to get into the Masters of Arts in Teaching program and pursue my dream to become a teacher (middle school, hopefully).

I really enjoyed Understanding Comics and enjoyed the concept of how our brain sees simple symbols and automatically puts them together, in particular the example of the face.  The idea that two dots and a line make a face that everyone relates to is fascinating to me.  In terms of the graphic design textbook, I was very interested in the suggestion that you should eliminate blocks (rivers) of space within your design.  Even though I knew the basic concept, I know understand it better and feel as though my design capabilities reflect this.  Both of these ideas have changed the way that I see basic elements of design and how others see them as well (meta! Oooh!).

I really enjoyed the Klosterman readings, both of them.  From the This Is Emo reading, I was riveted by his whole “no woman will ever please me” concept.  I think it’s to some degree very painfully true! The idea that TV will always imbibe us with unattainable standards should really be discussed more and not only in terms of physical standards.  Baudrillard’s distaste of sincerity, while not a theory per se, was something about which I thought a lot.  The idea that sincerity in and of itself is lacking in truth intrigued me.  Is there no such thing as sincerity because too often we fool ourselves into thinking we’re sincere, when in fact we are fake?

In terms of the bizarre package, I would absolutely be afraid and confused at first.  I think its meaning would ultimately be that truly, we are both observed and unimportant.  Like the film I watched for my metafiction paper, Synecdoche, New York, we are each filled with an air of self-importance and feeling that we are constantly on a stage being viewed.  Johnny B (Baudrillard?) is telling us that though we are in a world in which we have importance, that perceived importance is synthetic.  Like Truman, Animal Man, and others we’ve studied in this class, we must be aware of our own positions in this world, real or fake, and cling to them.

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