It is what it is…

Plans for next semester

Next semester I plan on finishing my core curriculum at Trinity. I may be graduating this coming May finishing a 21 hour semester, or be postponing my graduation till next December in order to fulfill an Interdisciplinary Second Major in Business Technology. I plan on pursuing an interest in mobile application development, and re-learning how to play the bagpipes, which I am expected to play at my cousin’s wedding in Scotland this summer. I will be finishing up some interviews with potential employers. All I can hope for is a balanced life style.

Comm 2302

This class was a hill. The first half of the semester is completely all uphill with all of the readings daily, quizzes, blogs, assignments, and just getting used to the mechanics of the course. The second half was downhill, for some. Mostly involving creative projects that allowed us to utilize what we learned (or may have had to learn) earlier in the semester. I really enjoyed getting to learn how to use video editing software, learn about postmodernism, and just being in class the second half of the semester.

One thing I really enjoyed now that I can look back on it was reading Animal Man by Grant Morrison. It was the first time that I got to read a real comic book. Not only did I enjoy the story line, but it was interesting to read the comic as if it were the only form of entertainment like it would have been for most people our age back forty plus years ago. It also taught me a lot about certain values of “life”. I like that I Grant showed Animal Man as a character that was somewhat human, while also being immortal. He showed that the character could see us, and had dialogue about the fact that he was a cartoon, which was subject to the author’s imagination. This was a very graphic and impacting lesson for me to learn about how to exchange ideas between person to person. That these “symbols” and concepts that we learned from Edgar-Hunt, R., Marland, J., & Rawle, S. in Semiotics can be used to exchange a story and communicate an idea to someone else. I also enjoyed how it completely tied back to the final video project that we had, as the comic tied to the PSA, and the PSA set us up for how to analyze and create the video project. Most of the articles, that weren’t the “most enjoyable” all tied together as well. Readings such as “Food Porn” and “Film, space and image” all gave us different viewpoints of how film, images, and ideas are transferred to each other.

Strange Package


If I had received this strange package, I would realize that the photo only portrays a memory and is not a reality. One thing that I will take me from this class is the concept of reality/unreality. The things that are real in life are only those you wish to make real. If you believe something will/will not happen, it is entirely up to you to do so. This sense of metafiction is almost a bit disturbing. I feel like this world is already a crazy place, dealing with this canvas of other people’s insights and viewpoints could really skew how you would decide to paint your own story. But at the end of the day… what is paint? Those photos are only moments captured through some man-made technology. One hundred years ago, when kings and queens would have portraits made of them, which took years to complete. At the end of the day those photo’s, pictures, symbols, icons, images, and communicative vehicles are just expressions of emotion that relate back a certain memory, which stirs an emotion within us that is unique and nonreplicable even to us.
As this last sentence I begin to type will be a memory that only I can personally have, and when I read it days, months, or years to come will strike an emotion that will await me when I finish these last words.

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