Yes, Because If I Fail, My Failures Will Be Great.

The title my answer to a question I heard a very long time ago.  So long ago, in fact, that I can’t remember when exactly.  I think it’s an appropriate question given the context of the course and this final blog and moving on from this class.


Being funny: serious business.

My plans for next semester and beyond are, as they have been for some time, rather simple.  I want to entertain people as effectively and efficiently as possible.  I understand why people value all sorts of different things in life, but to me, there is no greater service than making people laugh.  To that end, I will continue to take comm. classes and search for internships in the entertainment field, which is quite the process.  Still, I think I have a reasonable shot at it.

From the first set of Readings, I really liked McCloud’s take on iconography.  The other semiotics reading was alright, but the McCloud one just resonated with me better.  I also got a bit out of some of the transition talk in Anatomy of a Film.  You can probably ask Dr. Lucas about me using match cuts and match dissolves.  Match ALL the cuts!

The theoretical readings are a bit harder for me to talk about.  I hate these kinds of readings.  They always feel like they are destroying something that was good.  It would be like somebody undoing the Mona Lisa in reverse order.  It might be just as technically impressive as when Da Vinci did it, but the end result isn’t as pretty.  I learned that post-moderny stuff can at least be a bit fun, thanks to Chuck Klosterman.  I also liked the Supergods reading, as it gave me some words to describe things I already know about.

I don’t know anyone from California, but I would assume that he just happened to know what question I was talking about, and in some way he was trying to answer.  It would be much appreciated, therefore, to get such a package with such an answer.  After all, it lines up pretty well with my own answer.  The only real difference is that he takes my life as fiction in his reality, whereas my life is simply my reality.

I suppose I look like I’m faking it if I don’t put the question here.  The question was:  If someone wrote a book about your life, would anyone want to read it?

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