The End of Days

This semester has been the fastest yet. The reason for such is probably because this semester has been the busiest yet. It’s been fun some days, stressful others, and exhausting the last. Next semester should be just as busy: several Computer Science classes, a couple for common curriculum, and a few just for fun (namely American Musical Theater). Studying abroad isn’t that appealing to me, I couldn’t leave my friends for an entire semester… Summer’s bad enough! The Ultimate team has hopes of nationals, so next semester will be filled with working towards that. Aiming high!

The biggest thing I learned from our aesthetic readings is actually the title of Kim Golombisky & Rebecca Hagen’s book, White space is not your enemy: A beginners guide to communicating visually through graphic, web, and multimedia design (2010.)  In the past when designing advertisements or doing other graphic design projects, I would try to fill it with as much information as possible, often resulting in lots of clutter… Not good, as shown by the authors! Furthermore, I learned about close-ups versus long shots, and how Bernard Dick in the “Film, space and image” chapter from his book, Anatomy of a Film (2002) discusses the idea that “filmmakers have reasons for choosing one shot over another…” He mentions that the idea that “the close-up was invented for tragedy, the long shot for comedy” is “something of an oversimplification,” but the basic idea is still valid.

Chuck Klosterman is some sort of genius. What sort, I’m not exactly sure. He can write an entire essay on how much he hates laugh tracks! I mean, they’re bad, sure, but 15 pages?! That being said, I think it’s interesting how he relates it to human insecurity and makes me feel more intelligent for being aware of laugh tracks! However, one reading that I did not enjoy whatsoever is the reading on memetic sex. I mean, come on! There are better parallels to draw than one between memes and sex. It felt uncomfortable and weird. The idea makes sense, that memes are propagated by similar means to “sexual” propagation, but I feel like there are better ways.

Breaking Bad, the best show on TV.

Breaking Bad, the best show on TV.

I created a super-intense hypothetical scenario mostly fueled by my marathon-watching of Breaking Bad. I am a meta-amphetamine (super clever) producer and Johnny knows, however, he realizes that it is dangerous for both himself and for me to tell me directly. This package is his way of telling me that he knows. I have to do whatever I can to stay safe while trying to communicate with this mystery man. All I can do, though, is wait.

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