The choice is yours.

After taking this class I have learned an absurd amount of information about all forms of media. I will be graduating in the spring with a major in accounting and will be taking an internship with PWC in Houston. Assuming that the world doesn’t end in a a few days I will be returning to Trinity in the fall to pursue my 5th year and acquire a masters in accounting. I will not be studying abroad because it is my last year here however I do have an interest in working abroad. PWC has a lot of options for studying abroad. Hopefully I will be able to use some of the things I have learned in class in my job.

One interesting idea that I took away was in the Anatomy of film. I found the section on cuts to be very interesting. I really liked learning about all the different types of cuts because I didn’t know about all the different types and how they could be used differently. Secondly I liked learning about all the difference camera angles. I didn’t realize that different angles and shot types are reserved for different types of movies. For example, the far shot is a shot that is always used in a western and a close up shot can be used to show the emotion of the character so the audience can be truly captured.

I really enjoyed any readings that were by, about, for or mentioning Klosterman. I find him to be incredibly smart and outside of the box. He thinks in a completely different way than I do so it was interesting to hear his opinions. I liked his ranting methods of making his points. His rant on laugh tracks had me legitimately rolling on the floor laughing. I was imagining one of my friends having the same rant and it was the exact same way he rants about things that are insignificant. I also really enjoyed the reading on memetic sex. I thought it was a very creative way to reach our generation on the idea. If I were to open my door to this package my first reaction would be sheer excitement. I love getting packages in the


mail so I would rip it open and be incredibly disappointed. Then I believe confusion and curiosity would begin to sink in. I would ponder why I got the package, who sent it to me, and most certainly why am I important enough to have received this package. My next act would be to act exactly like professor Delwiche. I would research everything about the contents and why they relate to each other. Where are the pictures taken? How do they relate? After that I would more than likely come to the conclusion that you can manipulate the pictures to mean anything you want them to. This idea is similar to how the media manipulates things to give us the message they want us to.

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