So Meta

I’m currently on track to major in computer science. Next semester I will continue down that path and then possibly even intern at a software engineering company this summer. I also would like to at least minor in communications so hopefully you will see more of me in the future! I’m not sure what the rest of my future holds past trinity, but whatever it is, I hope it’s exciting.

I’m really glad I took this course because it opened up me up to the world of comics. I’ve always thought that it might be kind of boring reading through a comic, but that is only because I had no idea that it was such an interesting medium. Understanding Comics pointed out a lot of ideas that I’d never have thought about on my own, and reading through the Animal Man comics showed me that there are a huge amount of comics out there with some real substance to them. It showed me that comics aren’t just about men running around in tights with overly exposed vivacious women by their sides, but that they can make actual statements too. I’d just never took the time to read a comic before this class, so I am glad that I had too.


probably going to read this whole thing now

I loved all of the Klosterman readings. His sarcastic, pessimistic style of humor is really great. He pointed out so many things about media and how it effects all of us, that most people never even think about. I didn’t even notice How I Met Your Mother had a laugh track until I read his excerpt on them. “This is Emo” was also pretty eye opening, and fit surprisingly well with some observations I had made on my metafiction paper. I like the concept of memetics and the idea that every social interaction we have could be seen as a result of different memes. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the post-modern readings, mostly because they were just really hard to read and dissect. I did however enjoy the theory behind postmodernism itself. That sort of relativistic, philosophical approach to everything is intriguing, but it’s hard to live your life thinking that way.


It was the end of the semester when Reece got an email alert telling him he had received a package. “What are all of these pictures…”, said Reece as he looked through its contents, “This is me, but I don’t remember doing any of these things? In fact, I’ve seen all of these things somewhere before.”
Reece asked if the clerk at the mail center if they could tell him anything more about where the package came from. They couldn’t, so he started heading back to his car completely puzzled and a little freaked out. Then something caught his eye. He saw a strange outline in the sky. It was faint, but he could definitely make something out. He pulled out his glasses and put them on to get a better view. “Is that?” said Reece as he squinted trying to see what this strange figure might be.
He looked down at the pictures, and flipped to the last one. He looked up at the sky. He looked down at the last picture again. He looked up at the sky and said, “I can see you!”

DUN. DUN. DUN. To be continued…

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