Reality or the lack thereof

Next semester I plan to continue with my Business classes for my major and English classes for my minor. I’m taking Financial Accounting, Management Info Systems, Operations Management, Greek and Roman Drama, and Advanced Exposition and Argument. I’m hoping to study abroad in the Spring of 2014, probably in Italy or Spain. I’m currently experiencing a quarter-life crisis because other than getting some sort of job after graduation, I have basically no idea what I’m going to do in the future. However, I’m actually weirdly okay with this because I know it’s the only time in my life where it is acceptable to not know what my future has in store.

I really liked the Anatomy of Filmreadings because Dick talked a lot about Hitchcock and why his cinematography was so innovative. I had always enjoyed Hitchcock films, but never understood why he was considered a genius. I learned that the way he used camera angles and shot-length was necessary to create the desired creepy effect. For example, he used subjective shots in order to make it seem like the audience was experiencing the same thing as the character.  I also really liked the White Space is Not Your Enemy readings because I’ve already used some of the tips in the posters I have had to design for SPB. Before reading the “amateur mistakes” section, I would center everything on the page.

I absolutely loved everything we read by Chuck Klosterman, and I now want to read all of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs when I have time (so…after graduation…). I am a sucker for Say Anything, and I realized that everything he said about John Cusack and Coldplay is accurate. Now every time I listen to Coldplay I have to think about what kind of emotions they are trying to create and how those emotions are ultimately what sell albums. Klosterman also made the point that this kind of media makes us “need something deeper than what we want” which is so accurate. We can’t develop our own wants because media predetermines our wants.

I will never love a man like I love John Cusack #foreveralone

I will never love a man like I love John Cusack #foreveralone

Lastly, this strange package I received from Johnny B really got me thinking about my reality and how much control I have over it. My reality is a perception that I have based on my environment and the interactions I have in it. This series of photos shows me that my reality may not be exactly what I perceive it to be, especially since one of the captions explains that “[my] life story//it’s ALL just metafiction.” Kind of like Truman in The Truman Show, I can either choose to accept this fictional reality, or discover the truth of my reality.

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