It’s so hard to say goodbye

Since I have decided to double major in communication and history, I am taking two history classes along with three communication classes next semester.  The comm. classes I am taking are Visual Communication, Media Writing, and Special Topics.  I also started Tiger TV this semester and I enjoy it so I am planning to stick with it until I graduate.  Hopefully, I can receive a more important position on the show my senior year.   Because I am a junior, I do not think I will study abroad. But if I do, it would be my first semester of senior year and I would either travel to Italy or France.  Being in the United States is already foreign to me since it is not technically where I come from.  And that is the reason, I did not sign up for it my junior year.  However, I have many friends that went abroad this semester and said they absolutely recommend it.  Lastly, if the world does not end this month, my dream is to move to Los Angeles and work with a movie or television show company.

One thing that really stocked to me was the fact that “White space is not your enemy.”  In the graphic design textbook.   In the beginning of the semester, we worked on the PSA project and that was a good fact to know.  One of my favorite readings was the Bernard Dick one called Anatomy of Film.  After reading and talking about this article, I have noticed that I pay attention to shots now during movie and I also can’t help but analyze movie like we analyzed The Truman Show.  Learning about different shots helped me for my other classes as well.  I had to do a video project for another comm. class and I took into consideration what I read in the Bernard Dick article.

With all honestly this was my favorite class this semester.  The projects were fun, especially making the trailer.  Because of this class, I know how to work on video premiere and it’s something I can add to my resume.  I liked the class since the first day when we watched a clip of They Live.  I did not think anyone really knew about this movie but my brother and I and I thought it was funny how it was shown that day.  Additionally, I had bought The Truman Show on DVD this summer and watched it multiple times while I was working at a sleep away summer camp.  This movie became my favorite.  When I found out we were going to watch it in class, I was definitely happy.  Moreover, analyzing it class was captivating especially when I did not realize the movie had bible references.  This class also made want to watch other movies such as The Graduate.

An article I found interesting was the one called “Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs” by Klosterman in which he spoke how no woman will ever satisfy him.  What I found interesting the article is how he blamed television.  For example, he says that it is John Cusack’s fault because almost every woman loves him.  John Cusack plays in the movie Say Anything and Klosterman believes that this film portrays fake love and how woman expects this kind of relationship.  I thought he was very humorous throughout his article.  I also think he is right. I feel as if movie does have an impact on peoples and how they imagine something to be.

Another article I found intriguing was the one by Blackmore called “The Meme Machine”.  Because of talking about this particular reading, I enjoyed doing the blog on the meme.  I ThatsWhatSheSaid3_2018enjoy researching on the meme I chose to talk about as well. On another note, reading other people’s blogs about memes was the most entertaining one.  I remember reading one about “That’s What She Said” by Julia Jaross and it made me realize that memes exist pretty much everywhere.

I believe that this strange package probably means that I am “Truman” and that everyone or someone has been watching me.  I believe that Johnny B. is trying to warn me. I think that I would write back to him and ask him what this is all about. I do not think that I would immediately believe that I was in fact like Truman, on a TV show or being watched.

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