I Don’t Want to Go

It is difficult to wrap my head around it, but next semester will be my last of college. Every semester and every years seemed to go by quicker than the previous one, but it has been a great experience for me and I would not change a thing. I am going to graduate on time with a degree in Finance with a minor in Sport Management. My goal is to work in the sports world and eventually for a Major League Baseball team dealing with contracts and the financial aspect of sports. Hopefully I can get into the industry right out of school but I know it will take some work in these hard times. Next semester I will finish up the last of my common curriculum requirements and finish the Finance capstone class.

One of the articles from class that opened my mind up to the deeper thoughts behind television was the article by Frederick Kaufman, Debbie Does Salad. Before taking this class, there was no chance I would have ever made the similar connections between pornography and food network shows. The way they mention and analyze the close ups and emotions associated with them and the search for the “wow” factor are ideas that I

Almost time to celebrate the end of a tough semester.

Almost time to celebrate the end of a tough semester.

thought were the most interesting. Both shows on the food network and pornography are described as artwork. A second article I found interesting, and still find myself doing it everyday since reading it, is seeing human features in objects. The generic black and white guy in Understanding Comics talks about how we look for symmetry and human features in our daily adventures. They give the example that we see faces in objects, and since reading that I feel like I have noticed faces in objects a lot more than before the book.

From all the readings we had this semester, I would say my favorite author was Chuck Klosterman. You just never know what is coming with him. He seems so into everything he writes and escalates his point all the way through his articles. One I particularly liked was his article on laugh tracks. I thought it was funny he chose something to rant about as insignificant as laugh tracks but he is right. Personally, I relate this today to texting “LOL” or “Haha” in text messages to people. I do not have too much proof, but I would say 99% of the time, the person texting that to someone did not even crack a smile. One of the more interesting theoretical articles was Ron Hale-Evans’ article on memes and relating it to sex. I really liked the comparison of talking to people and sharing ideas as creating new life with other people as they mix some of their own ideas with new ones.

My first reaction to this random package would be panic and the thought that I should stay away from public areas for a little while. Someone sending me pictures of myself in different places would completely freak me out. It would make me realized that no matter where I am, I am being watched by other people around me. No matter what I do, they have their own interpretation of what I am doing and have their own judgments of me. This package would make me self conscious of my public actions, and always think twice about my actions.

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