Final Thoughts

Next semester I am studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. I will be taking courses focusing on Spanish history, culture, art, literature, etc. and improving my Spanish language abilities. I am so excited and anxious for next semester to start. When I return, next fall will be my senior year at Trinity. After graduation I plan on pursuing an ABA degree (Applied Behavior Analysis) and starting a career in behavioral work with Autistic children. 

Prior to this course I had very little experience with comics, so I found Understanding Comics to be an interesting introduction into the technique and ideas behind comic books. McClouds description of the range of realism in comic artwork was intriguing. He explained that sometimes simplified faces are better, because they can be generalized to more individuals, allowing more readers to identify with the characters. I also thought the idea of events occurring between panels very interesting, like the example of condemning a man killed between panels to an endless number of deaths. Each reader fills in the blanks in their own way, personalizing the story.

I really enjoyed the Klosterman readings and his style of writing. I thought Klosterman asked an interesting question of whether it is better to live in a “fake world that feels real” or a “real world that feels like torture”. Klosterman explained the difference between living in a fake world and living one lie, the fake world does not invalidate the truth of everything within the world, however, one non truth in any world “invalidates every other truth” in a person’s life. I think I would chose to live in a fake world that feels real, if no one in the fake world realizes it is fake the experience is still entirely real. I had more trouble understanding readings like the Shaviro reading. I did think some of the points Shaviro made were interesting though, such as the idea that Americans realize nothing in their lives is real, and that the ability to first deceive ourselves and then show sincerity is what it means to be American.

If I received that strange package from Johnny B. I would

A metafiction children's book. There is a description on the website.

A metafiction children’s book. There is a description on the website.

assume I had a stalker and call the police. However, looking at the images and captions, I would also suspect that whoever sent the package was hinting at the idea that my life was not what I thought, that someone was watching and possibly controlling it. And maybe Johnny B. is right, after all I can never be completely sure that no one is watching or controlling my life.

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