Embracing our World (or why I’m okay with my Robot Overlords)

The knife that cuts through the seams that separate parallel universes.

The knife that cuts through the seams that separate parallel universes.

I’m not certain on what my plans are exactly for next semester. Probably just classes and work. I was thinking of doing 3DS but that depends if I’m not dead from all the work. I’m taking a couple of classes in various things. Mostly, I have a lot of Computer Science classes which I may regret greatly especially Dr. Lewis algorithm class. His introductory email for it starts off with, “Welcome to Hell.” I cannot wait…  This break will, if I don’t procrastinate too much, be a busy one. Of course, a lot of time will be spent catching up on video games (I hear from a certain professor that I really should finish The Walking Dead), tv shows (Monica Clifford swears I need to watch The Wire) and a certain comic book (Saga Vol.1 by Brian K. Vaughn is out!). And then I also really feel the need to keep working on my admittedly poor programming skills. I want to try to create an Android app (since I’ve completely forsaken the cult of Apple). We’ll see if that actually proves fruitful. Oh, I learned some things here and there from the class too. The world is ending soon though so I’m not even sure why I’m writing this blog or thinking about my future. It might be best to just curl up in a ball and cry.

Like every night for me.

There’s something about Scott McCloud’s point in Understanding Comics about humans connecting to circles, squares and lines. I recently finished FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (this Saturday night, actually) and I was in a state of numbness from the overwhelming ending (it was quite satisfying). I just went back to my room and listened to the different opening and ending credits while I contemplated how these circles, squares and lines that are merely colored in can move me more than some actual people I know or some live-action shows. I go through this surreal realization every couple of weeks. It really is amazing the amount of empathy humans can have to not just cartoons but to inanimate objects too. Too bad we can still learn more about empathizing with other people. No political and cultural rant here though!

The video game article (From the Green Berets to America’s Army: Video-games as a vehicle for political proganda) that we read nearer the end of the semester (I don’t know who wrote it because I never look up anything about the authors but he seems like a genius and is so generous and will give lots of A’s) was something I found really interesting. As someone who wishes more than anything to work in the video game industry, the impacts of said industry, in my biased opinion, is more than other mediums – both for propaganda and for entertainment purposes. There is a real dearth in academic discussion of video game. My vast research (internet forums) has yet to lead me to any concrete reason why. Maybe it’s just a mixture of various stigmas surrounding video games and it’s relative infancy. Either way, I cannot wait for the continued growth and ubiquity of video games!

Quick aside before I go over the third part of this blog post! I looked through some previous readings on T-Learn and ran across some new optional readings. I have to say that Gotham Central is one of my favorite comic series. Sadly, it ended far too soon, but I loved how visceral it felt. I connected with all the characters (though I definitely got confused with a few of them). It was also pretty funny that I mentioned SAGA earlier and it was on here. I feel like my tastes have been validated.

I cannot stress how much I love Klosterman’s idea’s. My favorite is definitely the John Cusack article. I have definitely thought about my own conceptions of what I want from a relationship. Not saying I’m having doubts about my relationship now (thank goodness she doesn’t read this blog) but it really is surreal to think that maybe, just maybe, my ideas of relationships aren’t all mine. It’s off-putting!

I know the idea of the world we live in being artificial (The Matrix being a prime example) has been done a million times but The Animal Man’s take on the issue is fascinating because it gives the epiphany to a character that we know is fake. There’s also the guy that knows about the reality of their comic book existence which is such an interesting concept. I feel like having such a universe-altering knowledge would be mentally devastating.

Speaking of worlds that exist outside our own, here’s this guy, Johnny B., who sends all these mysterious pictures. This guy, possibly Walt Disney or Goofy, states quite explicitly that the world that I believe is real actually isn’t. It’s a universe contained inside another universe, sort of like a universe inside a comic. Like with all things, I’ll be insanely skeptical. Probably to the degree, due to the outrageous accusations, that I think that it’s a practical joke and ignore it forever. I believe that we are such trivial, short-lived, infinitesimal creatures that I cannot fathom myself as the center of some attraction nor the human race as a whole. It’s unlikely but I could see a spark of curiosity propel me to investigate some more if there were tiny hints of something else at work. Maybe analyze the pictures some more to see if there could have been instances where I was legitimately photographed. Putting a caption below a picture doesn’t automatically validate a photo.

If it does seem strange that this guy has a picture of me in the shower or somewhere else intimate, it would be a more compelling accusation. After that, I wouldn’t really know what to do. I guess testing the boundaries would be a first. Being a foreigner who lived half his life in another country, it’d be interesting to see what actually lies between where I live now and the Philippines. What if there are no other continents or oceans in between? It’s entirely possible that the plane ride I took when I was 10 was fabricated in some hangar. There really aren’t many options. If nothing comes out of that and I don’t hear more from Johnny B. then I’d be pretty screwed. But not really. Because the existence of another universe, one that’s “higher,” doesn’t really change anything. A lot of people believe in the existence of God yet most people view that as a positive, not a negative. I think people musn’t be so ego-centric, other universes doesn’t mean ours is lesser or less significant to those that live in it. Meaning is arbitrary, we give life the meaning that we figure out ourselves during the course of it.

P.S. I’m view my body as merely a vehicle for my brain. The life plugged into some virtual reality, in my humble opinion, is as real as the life lived out outside our bodies.

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