Coming to a Close

As this semester comes to a close, I come to realize and look back and dread this semester and wish I could have changed many things. I was previously an undecided major so I was taking lots of different classes to figure out what I wanted to get into. Part of the reason that didn’t like this semester is that I learned what I wanted to take the hard way: by learning what I didn’t want to do. I found out that computer science is not for me at all, I can’t do it at all. So although I am a firm believer that the computer is going to take our world to new heights in the upcoming years, it’s just not for me. But believing this I have found out I would like to now minor in management information systems. Management information systems would allow me to still work with computers and such but instead of writing code all day I could manage those people who write the code and I could be in charge of the code they are writing and why. Besides that, I will also be fulfilling a few common curriculum classes.

Another thing that I am excited about for the future is that I will be continuing my TUVAC (Trinity University Volunteer Action Community) duties. I am the Director of Finance for TUVAC and the things I am able to do and accomplish with TUVAC really make me excited. Whether it is feeding homeless, building a house, or donating bears to children at hospitals I really feel that I am making an impact on the world. It takes up so much of my time and I don’t get paid but it is the best experience that I could be doing for myself to be a Finance major and for just doing my part in the community.

TUVAC logo

TUVAC logo

From the reading related to aesthetics, the biggest things I got were not necessarily directly related to the readings. It was the relationship and different forms and mediums of media that really stood out to me. So the first thing that I took was the variety of forms of media that we covered from comics to movie and even zines. In 1968 there were rebellions going on everywhere around the world and just recently pretty much the same thing happened in againin the middle-east. Also the articles in the Trinitonian about hazing is almost identical to that of last year. So it’s crazy how these events happened decades after each other but different forms of media had great impact in both. In 1968 in was a youth movement but they used very different media than that of 2012 where people created facebook events for protests. I think that is amazing. The second was the Anatomy of Film. I’ve never been a big movie guy, I actually think I live under a rock when it comes to movies. So I have never really delved into the idea of thinking of film in that way and the Anatomy of Film forced me to.


The two most interesting ideas that I took from the theoretical readings were easily semiotics and memes. Semiotics has such a huge impact on the world around us. Everything is a sign. Realizing this and find a way to manipulate these are very interesting. Memes are amazing because of the idea itself. The fact that is almost a cult or something that so many people can follow is awesome. The impact it has is huge, Gangdam Style is a meme that has gone crazy, and I am pretty sure the view have more than doubled since the time we pulled it up in class. How crazy is that?


I think my initial reaction to Johnny B. would be that he is really creepy and I would wonder where he got all of these pictures and such. But afterwards, and in the context of this class I would think that he is telling me that my life is a parallel to Truman from the movie The Truman Show.  What I would do next would probably be similar to what Truman did and just try to test and see if it really is all metafiction or if it was reality.


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