Can I Get My Package Now?

It is sad to say that this is likely my last communications class. As I move on in my academic career I will be delving deeper and deeper in to courses that fulfill my major requirements. Unfortunately I don’t see myself being able to go abroad anytime soon, it just simply isn’t a possibility for me at the time. This being said, I will be staying in San Antonio and taking a number of economics courses next semester. These economics courses will be fulfilling my recently declared major requirements. People often wonder what I plan to do with this econ major, and truthfully I couldn’t say. My plans haven’t changed for my post collegiate life, I plan to be a fireman or possibly begin a military career after graduation.

Even though my short stint in the communications department has come to an end, this Media Interp class has changed my perspective on movies forever. I came into this course thinking that I had a pretty good grasp of what constituted a quality film, I was flat-out wrong. After reading some of the texts for this class, and doing a little video editing myself, I realized just how much thought and effort goes into the production of movies. There is underlying meaning that can easily be missed when you are unaware of all the aspects that go into creating a movie. The reading on film techniques really captured my interest for this reason. Knowing the importance of particular editing techniques, shots, and transitions has definitely changed the way I view films, and provided me with new ideas in regards to how a film should be watched. In a similar fashion, the readings on design techniques opened my eyes to a world unknown. After reading out of the design book, I realized how little I knew about design. This reading not only taught me about design, but it gave me new ideas on the importance of good design.

I can’t say that I expected much intellectual stimulation from a comic book, but Animal Man blew my mind. I enjoyed this comic series more than any other required reading. Morrison’s comic brought me to my first known encounter with metafiction. Although metafiction has probably been in my face for most of my life, I would have never really noticed it had I not read Animal Man. It has been interesting for me to find myself picking out examples of metafiction in media, and every time I do I get weirdly excited that I noticed them. The idea of metafiction has spread in my mind like a virus, and I pass it on to as many people as I can. This brings me to my other favorite concept from the readings, which was memetics. The idea of spreading ideas is terribly interesting to me, and I feel like I will continue to notice this in my everyday life for years to come.

This is Will Smith clearly being watched by some outside source. Creepy...

This is Will Smith clearly being watched by some outside source. Creepy…

As for this package… I would be completely paranoid the moment I had finished looking through it. The first thing I think of is the movie Enemy of The State, when Will Smith realizes he is being tracked down by government agents. I would also be forced to act in a similar fashion, immediately becoming an expert at evading federal agents, and looking like a pro at running from the government. My story would end a little differently though. My erratic, paranoid behavior would likely continue until I settled down at a beach side home with a brand new alias somewhere near the Cayman Islands. If this package arrived at my door step, I see a lot of relaxing days at the beach in my future. Which really doesn’t sound half bad. Can I get my package now?

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