A Work In Progress

It’s hard to believe that this semester is already ending! Next semester will be my last as an undergrad at Trinity. I will be taking my last few environmental policy classes as well as some education courses. I am also looking forward to beginning an environmental education project with Texas Parks and Rec. Following graduation, I am planning on getting my Master of Arts in Teaching from Trinity, with a focus on early childhood education. I look forward to starting my career as a teacher and possibly later in on in education administration. I also hope to continue traveling and visiting many of the friends I have made at Trinity over the years. I would also like to return to Freiburg, Germany, where I studied abroad, sometime in the next several years.

While I learned many interesting things this semester, several stand out in particular. Though a bit dry to read at times, I  actually found the different design guidelines from our graphic design textbook not only interesting, but helpful as well. I was able to use the logic given in this textbook when designing different flyers and posters to hang up, such as where to most effectively place things according to the Golden Ratio, and what typeface is most appropriate. I also found the concept of closure, discussed in Scott McCloud’s book, Understanding Comics:The Invisible Art, very interesting. The empty space between the frames in a comic requires readers to essentially “fill in the gap,” which makes them participants in the telling of the story. I never paid much attention to the ways that creators of art use closure, nor did I realize that there were so many different methods to use closure in comics.


“Batman” is an example of a creative work that continues to take on new forms and serve new audience demands.

I found the excerpts from Grant Morrison’s article, Supergods:What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human, especially intriguing. The idea that art is “an evolving, learning, cybernetic system that could [can] reproduce itself into the future using new generations of creators”  is fascinating. It is interesting to see how different pieces of art evolve and serve new purposes for different people. This ties into another concept that we discussed in this class: memetics. I enjoyed Susan Blackmore’s discussion of human creativity. In the first two chapters of her book, The Meme Machine,  she describes creativity as a “process of variation and recombination.”  It is interesting how both Morrison and Blackmore come to the conclusion that a piece of life can continue to “live” and evolve by taking on slightly different forms, and that these forms are determined by the current of creator and as well as the demands of the audience.

Monsieur Johnny B. seems like an interesting guy. To be honest, I would be pretty creeped out after opening this package. However, after looking at more closely and using some of the knowledge I have gained from COMM 2302, I might be able to make some sense of it. Most of the pictures in this package include, in some way, characters from stories we have read or seen, whose lives have been manipulated by an artistic creator. Animal Man, Truman, and Crafty all confronted their creators at some point in their stories. The fact that Johnny B. has decided to impose my face over images from these stories seems to suggest that I too, might be the subject in a creative story, and might have an artistic “creator” myself. He seems to be suggesting that I, like these characters I have studied, should reflect on my own story, and how various forces and means have shaped my “reality”. One reaction to this realization might be one of helplessness. However, the part that stands out the most to me is the final image with Crafty. Crafty “rebels” and defies his creator. He takes a part in writing his own story. This implies that though different factors might shape our circumstances and influence our lives, ultimately it is up to the individual him/herself, to act out the story. We all are participants in the story, and we all have the power to shape it. After considering all of this, I would set the package aside and continue to live my life as I see fit, and continue to take part in my own story.

About toricarey

I am a senior Environmental Studies major at Trinity University
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