I’ll be back… Turbanator style.

Though the semester may be coming to end, this definitely is not my last semester here at Trinity University. Next semester, I’ll be back here on campus (apocalypse permitting), wreaking havoc and causing chaos the same way I do every year. 

Unfortunately, I probably won’t be spotted wreaking too much havoc in the Comm Lab.

I did a Google Image search for 'causing chaos.' Relevant.

I did a Google Image search for ‘causing chaos.’ Relevant.

Being a political science major, I didn’t intend for this Comm course to be as relatable as it really was. Although I will be taking more PLSI courses for my major during the oncoming semesters, I plan on taking some of the materials and lessons that I learned from this course, and applying those to my future academic studies. In the future, I hope to see myself attending law school. No, I do not know which field of law I want to study yet. Yes, I should probably should know which field of law I want to study already. We’ll cross that ship when it sails. (Is that even an expression?)

In terms of the aesthetic readings for the different properties of different types of media, I think I gained the most understanding from the Anatomy of Film readings as well as the Understanding Comics text book. From the film readings, I really enjoyed learning about the different techniques used in film. Before even coming into this course, I had been starting to get interested in videography. So learning about different angles/closeups/sequences definitely captured my attention. The other concept that stuck with me from the comics textbook was the role of the reader in comics. This really got to me when the textbook was talking about the space between the comic boxes, and how that space is used by the reader to connect the dots and complete the story.

In terms of the theoretical readings, I really enjoyed Klosterman’s works. Not only were his pieces fairly simple to read, but they also made me think quite critically. His This is Emo piece really got me thinking, “is anybody real? At all? Are we all just copies of what we do/watch/listen to?” Then I’d fall asleep, and forget all about these deep and curious thoughts. Also, I cannot forget the deep hatred for laugh tracks that stemmed from his works.

If I received a package like this, I might just go to the POD and get regular Skittles instead of Sour Skittles. How’s that for ya, Johnny B? No, but really, it’s a pretty interesting scenario. For some reason, this situation brings me back to an idea that I’ve heard bounced around in a few different departments at Trinity, and elsewhere on the paths that I’ve crossed: “What does it matter if we really have free will or not? We have the experience of free will, that’s enough.” So what if we are copies of what we surround ourselves with? So what if we don’t necessarily make an impact on the entire world? We are different to ourselves, and we make an impact on those around us. Suck on that, metafiction. Is that too harsh?

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