Let’s Wrap It Up…

I wish I could sit here and tell you what lies ahead for me, but in this life, you really never know. As for next semester I plan on taking several other communication courses, including Principles of PR and a Media Ethics class to further my degree audit. I am very excited about the PR class seeing that this is something I could possibly see myself doing as a future career. I am also enrolled in “Death and Dying” an anthropology/sociology course, and oral interpretation. I am very interested in studying abroad, but most likely will not endeavor that commitment until second semester my Junior year. I would love to study in Spain or Italy, but would really be open to anything, simply hoping to receive a completely new experience. As for after I graduate, I plan to move back to California and hopefully attain my dream job as a PR or event planner….keep your fingers crossed! I would also really love to be able to travel, buy a puppy (preferably a boxer, or golden retriever), and live in a cute little cottage on the beach….and of course live happily ever after. Any variation of this would be acceptable too.

From the readings related to Aesthetic poreperties of different media, I found the Principles of graphic design to be the most intriguing, seeing that it is the most useful for day to day purposes. The most beneficial point that I took from this particular reading was “negative space.” I realized that negative, or white, empty space is okay and can actually be complimentary and enhance the meaning behind a brochure, or print advertisement. It is such a common habit of many others, and myself, to have the urge to completely fill a paper with meaningless items and graphics, simply to make it seem full and complete. Empty space is your friend, not your foe. I also found the reading on comics to be quite interesting. I love the idea that our mind has complete control over what we think or create when it comes to “gutter space.” The space in between panels is much more than just a blank gap, but rather a stage for readers to let their mind divulge into a fantasy world, where the fate lies in their own hands.

When it comes to the theoretical readings we discussed in class, I really enjoyed Klosterman’s work. I loved his witty discourse and unique perspectives on things I have never given thought to. In his work “This Is Emo” he talks about how in todays society, being perpetuated through the media, it is nearly impossible to fall in love. I think he really hit the nail on the head with this one. Romantic comedies illustrate love in its most pure, perfect form, making reality seem dull and rather boring in comparison. He says that we want this “fake love,” we want to dance in the rain, fall hopelessly in love, and wake up to John Cusack holding a boombox on your front lawn…..we want the fairytale ending, the love that is so effortlessly portrayed in movies, but the love that cannot be attained in real time. Although this notion is kind of depressing, it is completely accurate.   In addition to Klosterman’s work, I also enjoyed Shaviro’s work. I thought his idea behind Disneyland was pretty ingenious.  Day in and day out, Americans “put on a happy face” with a sort of “don’t worry be happy” outlook. He expresses the idea that Disneyland doesn’t serve as a deterrence from the real world, but is rather a reflection of our society. Why should we be burdened by the past, when today is the first day of the rest of our life?    He essentially concludes that we thrive on simulation and delusion, one of the many reasons why Disneyland has grown to be such an attraction.

Disneyland is a represenation of today's society. We put on a happy face,and continue living this life, wether we are certain of its existence or not.

Disneyland is a represenation of today’s society. We put on a happy face,and continue living this life, wether we are certain of its existence or not.

To be completely honest there were several readings throughout this semester that I absolutely hated. I cringed the entire time I read Rogin’s work on Independence Day. I didn’t really see the relevance of this reading, and thought the subject matter was pretty uneventful. The fact that I never saw the movie doesn’t really help the cause either. What I got from this reading was that we tend to distort history in the media to make it appear more interesting. To prove this point he compares “Independence Day” and “Forest Gump,” both historic films that do not accurately portray history in its entirety. He says that “where history fails, science fiction steps in.” I agree with this idea, I just didn’t find the reading to be intriguing whatsoever.

As for the package, I immediately noticed the address “Anaheim, CA” exactly where Disneyland is located. This made me think of Baudrillards and Shaviro’s work concerning the facade of Disneyland in our society. I also couldn’t help but notice the face of Quinn Tulpa and the direct reference to “Animal Man” when he finally realizes he is living in an alternate reality profoundly exclaiming “I can see you!.” The reference to The Truman Show really puts it all together and points straight to Grant Morrison, who asks the perfect question, “What is real?” Day in and day out we could be living in a separate world, or be characters in a comic book that gets picked up every night by some little boy for pure enjoyment. What if our life is being controlled by some greater being, like Truman? With this package, Johnny is trying to relay the idea that life is metafictional, and we are living in a world where the “medium is the message.” We have learned to question the medium and the message and constantly be in search of our own self identity. So how do I respond? I continue to live my life. Wether or not I am apart of some bigger scheme, I must realize that my life is constantly going to be influenced by the media. Rather than let this scare me, I plan to continue living and “zippity doo da” my way to Disneyland.

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I was born and raised in Orange County California and currently play volleyball at Trinity University. I love food and am a HUGE fan of dessert. I am a dog lover and have three dogs of my own at home.
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