It’s the Final countdown!

Looking forward to next semester I am already dreading my classes. I am taking a lot of my core business classes for my major along with Physics 2 and Ochem for pre-med, which I know will not be fun. Though, I am really excited for this summer! I am planning to study abroad for the first half of summer in Shanghai where I will be taking some business classes along with a Chinese class and an urban studies class. For the second half of the summer, I am researching either in oncology or cardiology in the Houston medical center, which will also be super interesting, so let’s hope the world doesn’t end!


After opening the package I would probably start running around screaming “CRISIS”

I think the 2 most interesting ideas I have taken away from this class were the  “Anatomy and Film” article and the “Graphic Design” textbook. I really used the knowledge that I gained from these 2 readings throughout the entire class, and specifically for the PSA commercial and the movie trailer project, which were my 2 favorite things to do in this class. I really have a passion for design and painting so I am now able to apply some of the concepts discussed in the Graphic Design textbook to my paintings. As for the Anatomy and film article I have started to pay attention to movies a lot more and actually analyze the scenes and shots, which I would have never done before.

I would have to say I really liked Klosterman’s articles for 2 reasons, one being that his writing style is absolutely great, and two being that I actually could relate his concepts to shows that I love. Though I really didn’t like the articles by Shaviro and Baudrillard, I really found them convoluted and hard to grasp, and they weren’t as interesting to me. Though with every project/paper/assignment we had I somehow was always able to relate Klosterman and Semiotics. I would gladly read Klosterman articles any day because he is just so witty and sarcastic I love it!

So yes Dr. Delwiche that thought did cross into my mind… JUST KIDDING! After receiving this package I would begin to wonder exactly why there are four pictures of myself, and more importantly who in California sent them to me. After watching the Truman Show, I now have become extremely paranoid that someone is in fact watching my every move, and that my life is already planned out for me. I mean that is a really scary thought. I feel like Johnny B. is trying to tell me that I am being watched, and that everyone and everything is a part of the media and it is all controlling us.  As for what I should do next? I really don’t know, but I know for a fact I am never going to step foot outside of my house again.

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