Beware, Reptilians Are Among Us!

David Icke, a British author, is famous for his writings about reptilian conspiracy theories. My attempt to look his name up yields that he is very controversial speaker. His reptilian conspiracy theories seem to be very strange. However, the fact that the theories have been controversial for decades and they make him famous does indicate the existence of some seemingly reasonable arguments in them.

He can be a reptilian humanoid. Who knows?

Basically, what Icke proposes is that reptilian humanoids are taking control of our world. Moreover, some famous politicians including George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are actually reptiles. This argument seems to be absurd, however, the way Icke proves it seems to be even more ridiculous. He actually tries to show some pictures of those persons and point out the similarities between them and reptiles. Understandably, one would hardly follow his arguments if he just used visual evidence that way. Icke tries to present many people’s experiences of witnessing and interacting with reptilian humanoids. One may still find this argument unconvincing. However, I think what makes his ideas able to withstand many counterarguments is how he uses his theories to explain many things that have occurred. They have to be somehow persuasive enough to draw people’s attention.

Icke mentions the “trauma-based mind control” technique that they use to prepare some babies for carrying out some dangerous tasks in the future. This argument seems to make sense as it is not easy to figure out the true motivation behind a task that aims at the public. Instead, we can hypothesize that reptilian humanoids actually plan all the conspiracies. Also, the hypothesis that the world is economically controlled by the Rothschild banking family is an example of how we can explain any economic activity using conspiracy theories. In fact, finding the exact root causes of the most recent global economic crisis can be even hard for economic experts, but it seems to be fairly easy for conspiracy theorists. They just need to propose different goals that reptilian humanoids can have and blame them.

Ironically, it is just not easy to debunk those arguments. We may conclude that it is intuitively incorrect. However, we ourselves sometimes could not evaluate the correctness of our intuitions. However, I think we do know why they make sense for some people. Nowadays, we approach everything cautiously. When something does not work correctly, we are eager to find the causes. In other words, you want to know who “is to blame for your troubles.” Conspiracy theories are just ideal candidates to explain many sophisticated political and social events. Individuals’ goals are diverse and complicated. It is easy to come up with a goal like that to explain many problems arising in today’s society.

Overall, no one knows how long those conspiracy theories can survive all the rebuttals. In fact, I think as they can be used to explain many ongoing cryptic things, they still enable many conspiracy theorists to have their own Wikipedia articles.

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