Scary Friday


The remade trailer I created turns the movie Freaky Friday, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, from a family movie into a suspense/horror film. I renamed the film Scary Friday. I focused on how Curtis, who plays the mother, and Lohan, who portrays the daughter, have a loving mother/daughter relationship. In the movie, however, their relationship is strained by the fact that Curtis’s character is about to remarry. In the original movie, a spell is placed on them that cause them to switch bodies. By spending a day in each other’s bodies, and therefore experiencing the hardships and trials the other goes through, Curtis and Lohan’s characters reconcile their differences. In the remade trailer I created, I make it appear as though Lohan’s character, Anna, and Curtis’s character, Tess, have a loving mother, daughter relationship from the very beginning. However, a mysterious curse which causes them to switch bodies not only threatens their relationships with their family and friends, it also puts their lives in jeopardy.

Specific Links to Readings

The principle of semiotics helped me choose what scenes to place in the re-cut trailer. In The Language of Film, Edgar-Hunt relays how semiotics has two parts, the physical part and the physiological part (Hunt, 23). In order to signify that the curse that is placed on the characters is evil, I chose a scene where the camera is slowly zooming into the house on a dark and stormy night. The physical part of the sign is simply a scene of a house at night while a storm blows by. Dark and stormy nights, however, can signify danger and fear. In the following scene, the camera moves over one of the sleeping characters until it shows a clock that reveals that it is midnight. The clock is the physical part of the signifier. The clock is signifying the time, which is midnight. Midnight signifies a time at which mysterious or dark occurrences may happen. According to Bernard Dick in Film, Space, and Image close ups place a great amount of emphasis on the object it is portraying (Dick, 1). In one of the scenes I chose, there is a close up of Lohan’s and Curtis’s hands as they reach for the fortune cookies. The close-up emphasizes the fortune cookie, which is what places the curse on them. In my recut trailer, I also depended upon the principle of the genre theory which Thomas Sobchak says in Genre Film: A Classical Experience, leads us to identify with certain characters, and tells us who the good and bad guys are (Sobchack, 2). Since my genre was horror, the audience would most likely immediately identify the innocent family whom is being preyed upon by evil forces.

Rationale for creative choices 


Tess and Anna read the fortune that will turn their day nightmarish.

I used suspenseful or scary music throughout the recut- trailer to emphasize the dire situation that the characters found themselves in. The first background music I used came from the movie itself, it was the music used during the scene that the mother and daughter switch bodies. I found that the music sounded mysterious and suspenseful, so I decided to re-cut it into the scene where Lohan and Curtsis’s characters were reading the fortune that caused them to change bodies. This emphasized the importance of the scene, and leaves the audience eager to find out what happens next. Next time, I will probably try to make the transition between the scenes and audio more graceful. When I wanted to make the transition between scenes more fluid, I used either the fade to black transition or the fade to white transition. When it was a suspenseful scene transition I decided to use the fade to black transition. When it was a transition where the characters realized what had happen to them, I used the fade to white transition. I used an audio transition that made the music softer when transitioning between music.

Frustrations, Difficulties, and Solutions

I found it difficult to synchronize the audio with a certain scene sometimes. My solution was to simply match the voices with the scene to the best of my ability. I also had problems downloading music from the internet. Most of the problems I encountered stemmed from the fact that it was my first time using premier and creating a re-cut trailer. For future students, my advice would be to start on the project sooner rather than later. That way, the project will be more fun rather than stressful.


Bernard Dick (2002). “Film, space, and image,” excerpt from Anatomy of Film. Boston: Bedford / St. Martin’s.

Robert Edgar-Hunt, John Marland, and Steven Rawle (2010) The language of film. Lausanne: AVA Academia.

Thomas Sobchak (1975, Summer). Genre film: A classical experience. Literature Film Quarterly3(3), 196.


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