Lynda who?

I have the technological capabilities of an 80 year old woman, so I thought it would be helpful to watch the Adobe Premiere tutoring sessions at After watching 4 of the movies, I found some pretty helpful information I figured I should pass along. While most of the information went straight over my head, there were some one-stroke shortcuts that I’ll definitely use in the video project. I think, however, I like step-by-step written directions as opposed to watching instructional videos because I like to learn at my own pace. I also tend to space out during the videos. Also, some of the instructions were slightly different because it was being done on a Mac, but the presenter was sure to explain what you were supposed to do on a PC.

The first video I watched was the “Marking and Selecting Clips” section, and a lot of of it was the basic stuff we went over in class, including learning how to make a sub clip and dragging-and-dropping clips to the timeline. I did learn some helpful shortcuts though:  “i” key for in point; “o” key for out point; “j” key for reverse; “k” key for pause; “l” key for forward; “~” key to make the source panel full screen. This video was a good overview of the things we learned in class, so I think I have a good handle on the basics now so hopefully I’m able to go a bit faster when make my trailer now. The next video I watched was the “Basic Video Editing” video that seemed a little repetitive at times, but was still helpful. Mostly, the section where he discussed “swap edits” helped because I have had trouble with that when I was playing around with Premiere. Next, I watched the “Basic Audio Mixing” video and the “Transitions” video. A lot of the audio stuff went over my head, but I learned how to adjust the audio levels when dialogue and background music are competing. The transitions video didn’t go over much that I didn’t already know, but I did learn how to make  a default transition, which will help me go faster when making my movie trailer. Overall, I liked the Lynda trainings, but I think I would rather have written directions because it’s easier to reference at later times. I may go back and watch the “Creating Titles” chapter because I had a lot of trouble with that when I was working with Premiere. Image

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