Blog #5. Video Trailer Project

In your video editing project, you are using video editing software to remix a trailer for the movie (or television program) of your choosing. This assignment is intended to deepen your media literacy skills by encouraging you to:

  • explore connections between audio and video tracks,
  • understand the relationship between shot sequence and meaning,
  • consider the subtle power of transitions, lighting, framing, and music, and
  • reflect on the genre characteristics that audiences typically take for granted.

This assignment is also intended to provide a creative sandbox in which you can demonstrate your understanding of theoretical topics such as: the denotative and connotative power of signifiers (semiotics), principles of visual design (gestalt theory and graphic design), narrative structure, representation, ideology, and psychoanalysis. 

Please note that approximately half your grade for the video project stems from your explanations in your blog posting. In a thoughtful, 5-6 paragraph blog posting, you should explain your creative choices and make specific connections to course themes. This blog posting is due before 1:59 am on the morning of Friday, November 16.

There are three items on the grading rubric linked to your blog posting. Specifically, you need to do the following things:

  • Make at least three specific connections between the video and course readings. Multiple authors should be addressed; you should not just discuss the Bernard Dick readings. (10 points)
  • Explain why you made certain creative choices, and engage in critical reflection about the success of these choices. From a creative, aesthetic standpoint, would you do things differently next time? (10 points)
  • Discuss any frustrations or difficulties, and explain how the problems were overcome. In this section, you should also offer advice to figure students. (5 points).

Structurally, you might find it easier to write this posting if you include subheadings such as:


Specific links to course readings

Rationale for creative choices

Frustrations, difficulties, and solutions

As always, you should thoroughly proofread your posting for writing mechanics. Your posting should include a relevant, captioned image, and you should be sure to include citation details when you make specific connections to the readings. Just to make it extra easy for you to do so, I will send out a separate e-mail with a list of all the readings in APA style so you can cut and paste as needed. Remember that you will need to include the page number for specific connections.

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