re-CUT… Lets Change It Again…

After watching the trailers that were set out for us, I cannot wait to see these movies, because they all look fantastic. But lets talk about how easy it is to re-cut a movie trailer. All you have to do is change up the scenes, and change the music. That is really the big change, music. If you take the music from a horror film and add it to Mary Poppins like the recut, Scary Mary, It actually makes it look like a scary movie.

In the movie trailer of Taken 2, you can tell right away that it is going to be an action movie just because of the music at the very beginning. I really enjoyed how they did the quick switches of scenes to really make the movie seem very fast paced. I realized that the pace of the movie can also play a huge roll. The pacing in the movie, Life Of Pi, is a lot slower than in the movie, Argo which is clearly an action based drama movie. In the Paranormal Activity 4 trailer, I could tell it was a scary movie just because of the creepy music playing in the background. It was a really good trailer because it was short and to the point. They let you know that it was a scary movie and you were going to be scared. These are very important when it comes down to movie genres.

Personally, I loved every single recut trailer. Making Mary Poppins seem like a scray character was fantastic. The creator of this was very clever on only showing the night time scenes in the movie to seem like it was always evil throughout. Also in the recut trailer, 10 Things I Hate About Commandments, I honestly could not stop laughing. I thought that it was the funniest trailer that I had ever seen. The upbeat music made everything seem happy and exciting and things were just all about having a good time. Then, adding in Samuel L. Jackson as “Principal Firebush” almost made me pee my pants. To me, it seems that these recuts are a lot shorter than the original trailers. Also, just by changing a few scenes here and there can really make a difference.

I have come to realize that the lengths of trailers make a difference. The longest trailer was Taken 2 and the shortest trailer was Paranormal Activity 4. However it made sense because Taken 2 is a movie that has more depth and things they want to show you about the movie without giving anything away. In Paranormal Activity 4, it is meant to show you that there is a spirit haunting a family, and that is it. There is no need for it to be longer. All the movies really need are a little tweaking and a change in music and you have an entire different outlook on the movie. It is amazing the things that you can change in a trailer. I think it is really cool to be able to change a comedy movie, to a horror movie, or an action movie to a comedy. It is incredible what technology can do.


Trailers: Cloud Atlas, Argo, Taken 2, Paranormal Activity 4, Life of Pi, Looper, Frankenweenie, and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Recut Trailers: Scary Mary, 10 Things I Hate About Commandments, and The Ring Recut

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My name is Eric Redeker and I am a Sophomore at Trinity University. I play on the golf team and I plan on majoring in Comm with a minor in Sports Mngmt.
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