We have to get there in time to see the previews

Movie trailers are the best part of going to the movies. Everybody in the theater gets quiet, eats their popcorn, and gets engrossed by the movies to come. Some of the trailers that are being shown won’t come out for close to a year. It’s august. I personally don’t care at all about a movie that is coming out in the fall of 2013 when its is November 1st. Ok I’m done with ranting about the previews.

In the Iron Man 3 trailer the main transition that they used was a fade. In the first 30 seconds of the trailer the fade is quiet slow relatively speaking. Then when the action shots begin to occur the fade is much faster but it still a fade. The clips that are being used are very short however they mesh together so well that they tell the story of what is to come in the movie without being a spoiler. The music that is used in the trailers is fitting for all the different types of movies. For Paranormal Activity 4 the music is eerie and the sound effects are loud and jumpy. For Iron Man 3 the music is patriotic and not that different from what you would expect to hear people in the military listen to before they go out for combat. The average time of an official trailer is roughly two and a half minutes long. The longest that I watched was two minutes and thirty-two seconds, G.I. Joe 2, while the shortest I watched was barely two minutes. Length and cuts are very important parts of a movie trailer to consider if you want to make the audience truly want to see the movie.

The narration of the trailers is similar to the music involved in that it matches the type of  movie the trailer is for. If it is a serious movie, Iron Man 3, the voice is deep and powerful. However in a comedy trailer,  Ted, the voice is more of a normal individual similar to the voice of a kindergarten teacher reading his classroom. In the trailers that I watched the only real typography came in the beginning. The words said were not related to what the movie will actually be about but more directed at informing the audience about what some critic who has never been heard of said about the movie. This is a good tactic of marketing the movie unless you are incredibly curious and take the time to google who the person that said The Dark Knight was the greatest movie of the year and the best thriller of the decade. More times than not the person who says these things are not very credible.

In the recut trailer that I watched there were a few noteworthy things different about the movies they were portraying. Mainly the movies were completely different from what the trailers showed them to be. My favorite trailer was one that turned Willy Wonka into a horror film. In the trailer they used unchanged clips and some but not an overwhelming amount of explanatory type. In the Willy Wonka trailer, the audio synchronization was perfect however in watching the recut of The Shining, the audio was not correctly lined up with the lips. The maximum number of instances where typography was used was roughly 10 in Willy Wonka. This is required in a recut because the movie is different from the trailer so you must add typography to change the perception for the audience. Trailers are a very important part of cinema. What would we do with out them?

Trailers: Paranormal Activity 4, Iron Man 3, Flight, Ted, Green Lantern, Hulk, Argo, Cloud Atlas

Recut Trailers: Shining (Horror to Romantic Comedy), Willy Wonka (Children Comedy to Horror), The Lion King Rises (Children Comedy to Action)

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