Trailers for lovers

Before I decide to watch a movie, I immediately choose to look up the trailer. Movie trailers are the biggest influence in deciding whether I will spend money on a film or not. After watching eight different movie trailers, I came to the conclusion that the average trailer length is about two minutes and thirty seconds. The longest length of a trailer I watched was five minutes and forty-two seconds (Cloud Atlas), and the shortest trailer length was one minute and forty-three seconds (Paranormal Activity 4).  Cloud Atlas is a complicated movie; it would only make sense that the trailer was longer than Paranormal Activity 4, which is a scary movie that should only give its audience the little scare so they are curious enough to go see the movie. The pacing and shot transitions of the trailers were usually fast, especially in action movies like Taken 2.  More dramatic movies like The Perks Of Being A Wallflower are slower. This is kind of obvious because it is usually normal for an action movie to be fast  because it creates adrenaline and excitement while watching the film. Whereas, a more dramatic or happy movie is slow because the audience is interested into the emotions involved in the plot.  I have noticed that in the beginning of Taken 2, there are many blackout transitions to show the suspense of the trouble that is occurs throughout the movie.

The music is definitely an important component to trailer because it helps tell the story, and aids the viewers to feel the emotions they should be experiencing. If it was not for the music in The Perks of Being a wallflower, the movie would seem more dramatic than it actually is. The music creates a happy mood in the trailer, which makes the audience believe that not only is the movie a touching story but it is a happy one as well. The sound effect along with the music in Argo and the Hunger Games helps create excitement about what the movie is going to be like.  With both trailers, I had the impression it was going to be a captivating movie in which there was no way I would be bored.  Additionally, narration in trailers helps me understand the genre of the movie along with the plot.  For example, the story line of She’s The Man is confusing due to the fact that the main character Viola is really a girl who disguises herself as a boy. If it was not for the narration, the trailer by itself would seem confusing.

Typography was used throughout The Perks of being a wallflower to summarize the plot line of the movie. It begins by saying that “Charlie never stood out” then later says “until he found friends that let him in”.  Basically this movie is about a little part of Charlie’s life in high school who finds friends and begins to “live” a little more.  Typography is also used in Cloud Atlas to emphasize the theme of the movie: “present, past, love, hope, courage, connection”.

I definitely enjoyed watching the recut trailers and ended up watching more than three. To make Mrs. Doubtfire seem scary, the creator used a lot of blackout transitions to emphasize the suspense. He also used scary music and song effect throughout the entire trailer. I also noticed that the person used visual effect on Mrs. Doubtfire to make her look terrifying. Moreover, the creator was able to rely without a voiceover to create the new trailer. If I had not seen the original movie, I would believe this movie to be scary.  In the French movie, Amelie Poulain, the creator, uses narration to turn the romantic-comedy film into a scary one.  He also uses visual effects like those in the Mrs. Doubtfire trailer. This trailer also uses audio synchronization at times, and it made me realize that it is an important factor into transforming trailers into what the producers want the audience to feel about the movie. It also makes the audience believe what you are trying to communicate. The Exorcist recut trailer used typography four times to transform the movie into a happy one.

The Exorsict re-cut trailer was by far my favorite one to watch because the new story line is very believable.

Trailers: (The Hunger Games, She’s The Man, Argo, Cloud Atlas, Pitch Perfect, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Taken 2, Paranormal Activity 4)

Even though I enjoyed going to see Pitch Perfect at the movie theater, I realized that the trailer had given away most funny parts, therefore I was disappointed.

Recut trailers: (Miss Doubtfire, Amelie Poulain, The Exorcist)

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