Deconstructing and Reconstructing

After watching all of these trailers, it is easy to notice many different structures for the trailers as well as many similarities. Some trailers are slow and methodical while others are extremely fast-paced. There are those that start begin slow and quickly pick up pace. Some are loud with blaring music and lots of actions and others have soft voices with faint music in the background. All of these depend on how and what kind of movie they are wanting to pick. The reason that trailers are made is to make people want to actually go watch the movie. If you are making an action movie to appeal to people who like action in the trailer you are going to want to have action regardless of the plot or story because then people who like action would want to go watch it.         

While taking all of these things into account, I have learned a lot from watching all of these trailers. I also think that watching these trailers all consecutively was beneficial in learning to that I could more easily compare these trailers and concepts within the trailers to each other. Skyfall, Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, and Real Steel are all action movies and they all had a very similar style, as if they used a template telling them what to put where and they just took shots and audio from the movie and pasted them to the template. As a generalization, they began relatively slowly with some kind of conversation and/or narrative and soft music if any. Then it starts to gradually build up and get faster and faster until it is full blown action with lots of fighting, explosions, and wrecks with loud noises and fast-paced music behind it.

Moneyball, Ted, Flight, and Looper are more drama and story-telling kind of movies. These also had very similar styles. One similarity really stood out to me though. Moneyball, Ted and Looper had interchanging between dialogue in the movie and the same character that was talking began to narrate during the trailer. Moneyball was pretty slow but every other movie had a mediocre pace, not too slow and not too fast. With these movies that have lots of narrative and dialogue there are lots of shots in between the person talking. For example in Moneyball,  Brad Pitt’s character will be talking in an office then shots of baseball and him with his family will show up then it will cut back to him in the office.

I really enjoyed the recut trailers. They were very fresh and new and offered a new light to look at a movie with that seemed comical to me most of the time, especially if I had seen the movie. The audio synchronization seemed to be a bit off with most of these recut trailers. These recut trailers relied heavily on type and narrator’s voiceover to tell this new story that they were trying to depict.


Trailers: Ted, Looper, Skyfall, Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, Flight, Moneyball, Real Steel


Recut Trailers: Dale(Step Bothers converted to horror), Anchorman Recut(Anchorman converted to horror), Forrest Gump as a Gangster (Forrest Gump converted to a gangster movie.

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