A re-cut trailer is a parody trailer for a movie created by editing footage from that movie or from its original trailers, and thus are a form of mash up. You take music or the background audio from one movie, and play that with a cut part from another movie. Most producers of this genius re-cut trailer try to make fun of the movie they reproduce.

Why watching some of the re-cut trailers, I noticed that even though the original film was a comedy, most producers decided to incorporate a horror movie theme to it. In one example, the movie Step Brothers (Adam McKay 2008) is shown narrated in a way that pokes fun of horror films, but at the same time builds on the comedic features of that movie. I noticed that the lengths of the re-cut trailers ranged from a minute to about a minute and a half. They are not as long as regular trailers on Youtube.

There are times when the re-cut is a romantic movie and is “mashed up” with drama or adventure-filled movie. For instance, there are many Brokeback Mountain (Ang Lee 2005) spoofs on Youtube and other video hosting sites. The characters in Fight Club (David Fincher 1999) are put in a trailer where they are shown as two friends who get a bit too close. In that trailer, there are constant shots where there are writing on the screen which was take form the Brokeback Mountain. One aspect of re-cut trailers that the creator does a good job with is how they succeed in completely changing the plot of a particular movie to follow the plot structure of another movie.

As many people have seen, original trailers try to excite the audience and sort of make the individual say, “I want to see that movie”. However, the re-cut trailers do not focus entirely on that, but focus on the changing the plots of movies and being quite humorous. There were times when the re-cuts tried to synchronize the voice from the audio so it fits with the lips in the visual part. There are many different ways that people mash up the movies and there is a unique way to do it.

Trailers: Paranormal Activity, Matrix, Step Brothers, SpiderMan, Brokeback Mountain, Fight Club, Toy Story, Terminator

Re-Cut: School of Rock (Viewed as a horror film), Toy Story 3 (as a horror film), Step Brothers (Dale viewed as a scary individual), Fight Club (turned into a romantic film between two men)

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