Can the Message Be Fun and Simple?

Marshall McLuhan is arguably one of the most successful academic in the communication field of study. Marshall McLuhan argued that the medium is the massage (message). To many of us, this statement doesn’t make much sense. According to Wikipedia, this statement can be defined as “The medium is the message is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.” However, it helps to think about the concept in terms of an example that we can all relate to in today’s culture. Apple is arguably one of the most influential business in the 21st century. According to this article that I found in the Economist, a very reputable source, Apple’s products ultimately embody the concept that the media is the massage.


The article, hyperlinked above, highlights how Steve Jobs has created and driven entire markets. Apple has recreated the computer for pleasure. All of the products that apple has created have the same simplistic and easy interface. These interfaces are unique and all build off each other. They have made computers, which is the medium, an easy and pleasurable electronic. The enjoyment and recreation that the computer, iPad, iPhone, etc. bring to the user can be construed as the message. According to the article, “Now it is the norm, a common feature of high-tech products and a widely shared goal. The iPhone, the iPad and the MacBook are the medium; the message is that technology should be easy, intuitive, and fun.” Ultimately, Apple seems to have built its company off of Marshall McLuhan’s concept of medium and message– providing users with the message that electronics can be easy.

Apple products seem to be common place in today’s society. You can find them in TV shows, movies, classrooms, everywhere. They seem to be one of the most pervasive electronics in the 21st century. This emphasizes the ubiquity of Apples products, and ultimately the message.  E-readers have also changed the message of electronics. E-readers, the medium, elaborates on the message that Apple has already established– that electronics can be for pleasure.

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