A review of Trailers, by a Novice Critic!

After watching 8 different movie trailers and 3 different recut movies I began noticing some similarities and differences between them. The type of movie had a lot to do with whether the overall music was intense versus happy, the pacing was slow versus fast, or if it was a long shot versus slow shot. Overall, the shot transitions were pretty similar among movies with the same genre. For example in the trailers for Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spiderman, both trailers had shot transitions that were extremely fast and follow by a blackout to add the emphasis of action. Whereas in the trailers for Dear John and Charlie St. Cloud the shots were a lot more drawn out and faded into the proceeding shots. That being said it can be concluded that trailers for action movies are generally at a faster pace than sappy or intense drama movies. And this generalization makes sense with our intuition as well, because when we watch action movies we are always on the edges of our seat trying to figure out what happens next, whereas in drama movies we a extremely engrossed into the film as well but a lot more relaxed because of the slower pace.

While watching I notices that the sounds effects really goes hand in hand with the genre of the movie and the types of scenes. One thing I really was in the Dark Knight Rises trailer. In the beginning of the trailer it shoes the football field and the little boy singing which ends up becoming the background sound for majority of the trailer.  The shortest trailer was The Avengers, which was 1 minute and 4 seconds, and the longest trailer was Charlie St. Cloud, which was 2 min and 31 seconds.

Most of the trailers I watched did contain some sort of narration whether it was actually a narrator saying something at the beginning of the trailer of a cut of a character in the movie being used as the narration. For example, in the trailer for Dear John, at numerous times throughout the trailer the main girl character was used for narrations.

Likewise, typography was present in most of the trailers as well. In the trailer for Twilight, the trailer ended with 3 separate shots saying “Forever” “Begins” “Now” with each screen zooming into the next one. Typography was also used in The Avengers to add emphasis to the action scenes.

In the re-cut for Toy Story it used a lot of audio synchronization of the toys like with Woody and Buzz. Audio synchronization really creates a unique effect to the re-cuts. Most of the re-cuts I watched were still able to tell the story, but not in the way the movie intended.  The re-cut trailer for Mrs. Doubtfire was the only one that used the explanatory technique. None of the trailers I watched were still able to tell the story without using narrator voice over. During the 2 minute and 23 second video of Mrs. Doubtfire typography was used about 5 times, which was the maximum number of times out of the 3 trailers.

Trailers: Twilight Movie, Magic Mike, The Dark Knight Rises, Dear John, Water for Elephants, Charlie St. Cloud, The Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers.

Re-Cut trailers: Toy Story, The Ring, Mrs.Doubtfire

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